Under årets upplaga av konst och musikfestivalen PLX Tjärö utanför Karlshamn kommer den litausiska konstnärsduon Dalia Mikonytė och Adomas Žudys att genomföra en filmisk performance. De kommer bland annat att visa det filmiska verket ”Blekinge Studys”.

Filmen ”Blekinge Studys” producerades under konstresidenset A.I.R. Blekinge 2018 som drivs tillsammans av Kulturcentrum Ronneby konsthall och Konst i Blekinge.

Under PLX Tjärö kommer musikern Pijus Džiugas Meižis att tonsätta Dalia och Adomas filmiska verk. En totalupplevelse där musik och filmupplevelsen flyter samman till en helhet.

Var: PLX Tjärö, Karlshamn
När: Lördag 20 augusti, kl. 22

We are an artist duo Dalia Mikonytė & Adomas Žudys. Together we work with photography, video, 3D and text medias. Artistic practice that we are developing focuses on old and well known art forms mixed together with new technology and science. Our work addresses various questions and variations of perception and recognition. Themes centered around the relationship between materiality, technology and identity. Subjects range between intimate space and time, personal experiences, identity and its representation, signs, virtual and actual reality. Interests and inspirations balance between history, contemporary art and future scenarios, among theory, practice and sentiment.

Blekinge Study

From 2016 we are developing a photogrammetry based project about the cities of Europe – “City studies”. Photogrammetry – specific form of photography and 3D graphics which connects geographical focus and different multisensorial modalities. Merging moving images and synthetic sounds we create virtual and surreal getaways and peregrinations in overlapping cityscapes.

During our time in artist residency in Ronneby we did “Blekinge Study” – visual compliment for this beautiful part of Sweden with it`s rich cultural heritage and numerous new creative initiatives, long and inspiring history. The name ”Blekinge” comes from the adjective ”bleke”, which corresponds to the nautical term for ”dead calm”, but autumnish

Blekinge gives us a bouquet of colours and layers. With the help of local inhabitants – we visited and scanned all five municipalities of the region: Karlshamn, Karlskrona, Olofström, Ronneby and Sölvesborg. We examined history, architecture and nature of Blekinge, tried to forget all the examination and make a video collage of fragmented memories and cracks of senses. Soundtrack composer – Pijus Džiugas Meižis.

Pijus Džiugas Meižis is a solo live electronica project from Vilnius, Lithuania. Using modular synthesizer he weaves ravey synth lines into atmospheric ambient baths manufacturing a hypnotic, trance inducing listening experience. He will play live performance 08.20 10pm at PLX with the ”Blekinge Study“ projection in the background.

Meditative digital installation, part of multidisciplinary project exploring symbolic significance of trees. Central focus of the piece – digitized object of the ancient oak tree root system, excavated and uncovered in Lithuania. The work is part of ongoing project ”post-digital-time-capsule” exploring topics of mythology, cybernetics, landscape, natural and cultural artifacts collected locally and online. Using digital means such as photogrammetry and 3D graphic design software, the object is transferred to digital domain, where it becomes a starting point for the ongoing research into the constellation of weird and strange appearances .