This is Gothstaff Beuttenmuller, I am fascinated by making metal sculptures for public spaces. I started working with metal many years ago with the only focus on giving it a function. At a certain point, I realized that my crafts could have an aesthetic appeal and also send a message or touch a heart. My intention today is to create metal pieces which can lead people to think about a new idea or to see the world from a new point of view. Some of my artwork is meant to be able to communicate by itself, without any further explanation. Some others could have a background story to strengthen their concept. In both cases, you are totally free to have your own comprehension of it. All I want is to trigger your thoughts.


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HDK Steneby Järn & stål/offentlig gestaltning
Göteborgs Universitet, BFA 180 hp. Dals Långed


2017 – Gothstaff Sculptural Park Jannerbergs Smide Karlshamn, Sweden


2017 – Degree Show HDK (HDK-GU – Final Exam exhibition) Gothenburg, Sweden

2016 – Alternative Growth Project (Collaboration with Gothenburg City) Gothenburg, Sweden

2015 – Eld & Ljuskväll (Fire and Light evening) Upperud, Sweden

2015 – Kunstmaand Ameland Art Month Ameland “SEA OF LIGHT” Ameland, Netherlands

2015/2016 – Gravemark Project Bachelor 1st year project Open exhibition at the Håjums Graveyard Trollhättan, Sweden 2015 – Steneby Exhibit Open house exhibition at the Stenebyskolan Dals Långed, Sweden


Hollow Bricks – Universitetparken Dacapo Mariestad
Den Sista Bron – Håjums Graveyard Trollhättan


Tel: 072 717 9430


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