Jumana Hamdani is an architect and a researcher born in Baghdad, Iraq and currently based in Karlshamn, Sweden. She holds a professional degree in architecture from Baghdad University. She has been a designer and researcher of several public and private projects in Europe, Africa, and Asia for the past two decades.


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Bachelor of Architecture, 2001. Student and Research Assistant of Prof. Sahir AlKaissi at Baghdad University
Professional Degree equivalent to the Swedish degree in 2008 from The Swedish Council for Higher Education 

Guest Lecturer at BTH University, Spatial Planning, Karlskrona, Sweden, 2018
Isfahan collage at The World Gdańsk Reunion, Poland, 2018
NetPort Science Park Research Center at ATA office, Karlshamn, 2009-2019
Asarums Församlingshem Church Hall at ATA office, Karlshamn, 2017
Länsförsäkringar Office at ATA office, Karlshamn, 2014
Gota Media Office at ATA office, Kalmar, 2014
Ronneby Exhibition related to conceptual architecture,  2012
Café & Lounge 5, at Identity Architecture office, Stuttgart, 2011
Mörrum Conference Center at ATA office, Mörrum, 2009 
Cityhuset Uppsala Complex at ATA office, Karlshamn, 2008
The Great Jamahiriya Tower, Dakar, 2007
Jordan Gate Skyscraper, Amman, 2007
Sheikha Salama Mosque, Abu Dhabi, 2007
Central Market Mosque, Abu Dhabi, 2007
Arab Open University, 2007
Gate of Tripoli Tower, Tripoli, 2007
Swiss Pavilion Competition, Shanghai, 2007
UAE Bab Al Bahr Land Development, 2007
Al-Jeeza District Urban Development, Jordan, 2007
Naour Residential compound, Jordan, 2007
Abdali Complex Competition, Amman, 2006
Villa Darmaki, Abu Dhabi, 2006
Adm. Complex Competition, Tripoli,  2006, by PHASE EINS, Berlin
Regeneration Irbid District, Irbid, 2006
Khandama Urban Development Competition, Mecca, 2006
Taameer Compound, Amman, 2006
Damac Golf Courses, Libya, 2006
Royal Village, Amman, 2006
The Gateway Compound Competition, RAK-UAE, 2006
Holiday Inn Hotel, Amman, 2005
Ibis Hotel, Muscat, 2005
Umm AL Amad Residential compound, Jordan, 2005
Café Bianco, Amman, 2005
Iskan Bank 6 branches, Amman, 2005-2007
Kufa University, Baghdad, 2001
Iraqi Woman Monument Competition, Baghdad, 2000 

Interview with BLT Newspaper, Blekinge, Sweden, 2017
Interview with Sydöstran Newspaper, Blekinge, Sweden, 2012
Interview with BLT Newspaper, Blekinge, Sweden, 2012
Interview with Commersen Newspaper, Blekinge, Sweden, 2012
Jafar Tukan: Poetry in stone, by James Steele, 2014
PHASE EINS 1998-2005 (Phase Eins: The Architecture of Competition), by Benjamin Hossbach and Christian Lehmhaus, 2006

1st Prize for Iraqi Woman Monument, Baghdad, 2000
2nd Prize for Jabal Khandama Development Competition with Architect Jafar Tukan, Berlin, 2006
Honorable Mention for Emblem Structure Competition in Dubai, 2008
B-K Arkitekturpris, Mörrum Konferenscenter with Architect Anders Törnqvist, Mörrum, 2009
Årets betong arkitekt, Mörrum Konferenscenter with Architect Anders Törnqvist, Stockholm, 2010
1st Prize for the new design of acoustic product for Ecophon, 2018

SAR/MSA Member at the Swedish Architecture Association.
Member at the German Architectural Association of Baden-Württemberg, AKBW. 


Architecture and war
Architectural fantasies

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